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“Sound starts out as a vibration deep inside of us. 
As women this is where we should all be living”
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I’m MaryAnne (Mac) - A Voice Coach.

I help women connect to their authentic voices and step into their power. Each woman has to know how to access the powerful system that lives inside of her. This work  goes beyond training your physical voice, it  awakens all of you.

I help women connect to their authentic voices and step into their power. Each woman has to know how to access the powerful system that lives inside of her. This work goes beyond training your physical voice, it awakens all of you.


  • I know that every woman should feel deeply nourished and fully self-expressed.
  • I know that everyone has the ability to connect to the sound that is unique to them.  
  • I know how powerful this can be for your career, your business, your message and for your life. 


  •  Because I live it, everyday.  I have paved the way for women just like you and I want you to feel what I feel, so you too can access what lights you up from the inside out, every single day of your life. It’s your birthright.


  • The sound your voice makes is a direct reflection of the way you think, move and connect to all the aspects of who you are.
  • Through the exploration of your energetic system, vocal, acting, and breathing techniques, I will help you develop a deeper awareness of your body, your emotional centre and your feeling centre — releasing physical, mental and psychological restrictions along the way.
  • You could be an established artist, hobby singer/actor, speaker, coach, entrepreneur, mother or businesswoman it doesn’t matter.  This work transcends occupation and goes to the heart of who ‘you’ are.  Together we will clear out the clutter so that all of you can shine through.

  •  There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it. – Elizabeth A. Behnke 

I love pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and for the past six months one of the ways I’ve been doing that has been through Voice, Acting & Embodiment sessions with MaryAnne.  They started out as something I was doing to improve as a speaker, but they’ve taught me more about myself than anything I’ve done. They are now my favourite time in the week.  I couldn’t have been blessed more with a coach like MaryAnne.  As the saying goes ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears.’

Holly Ransom - Entrepreneur/Keynote Speaker

In 2016, Holly was appointed to Co-Chair of the United Nations Global Coalition of Young Women Entrepreneurs and became the youngest ever female Director of an AFL club with her appointment to the board of the Port Adelaide Football Club.

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About Your Coach

About Your Coach

MaryAnne is your voice coach, mentor, friend and cheerleader. She is an Actor/Vocalist/Musician, and lead vocalist of soul/pop outfit, The Mac Project.

“After being accepted straight from high school into one of the country’s top Acting Schools, NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art), I worked successfully for a number of years as an Actor in Television, Theatre, Music Theatre (multiple Helpmann & Greenroom Award Nominee). Having achieved many of my personal dreams and goals at a relatively young age I  came to realise that I  had a special talent for facilitation, for being a vehicle for connection, creativity and growth in both myself and others.”

Now is your time to grow exponentially.

  • Being a creative woman and connecting to my vocal expression is all I’ve known.
  • It has been a gift to me and has shaped the person I am today.
  •  Accessing your true voice allows you to tap into who you are at a core level.  It is also the birthplace of your creativity.
  •  I want you to remember that you are a creative too.  It’s time you reclaimed that.
  • We are all born creative.  Watch any child and you will see.

Learn to love your voice – the world needs to hear it.

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MaryAnne is one incredible voice coach, helping me strengthen and enrich my instrument for my business and for my life.

Kat John


I had the pleasure of working with MaryAnne for a few weeks this year. I flew in all the way from Austria because from the first email exchange we had I knew that she was exactly the coach I was looking for. Finally I found someone who could help me to get to ‘my own voice’. The spiritual approach was just what I needed! Mary Anne helped me to connect to myself and my voice has not been the same since! Much deeper, more honest and truly me! – Thank you MaryAnne

Cosima Del Leonis


I absolutely LOVED our session. I have a renewed energy towards my voice again and can’t wait until I have the time to focus on my voice and my whole body. The freedom I felt vocally was very unexpected especially given I could barely squawk a note the night before! It was really unbelievable. And not just the freedom I felt, but the quality of the sound that came out was really quite amazing. I just wanted to keep working!  Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to learn from you. It was a real gift.

Emma Choy